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We are honored that you came here to play at our website. As you know, special offers and promotions are an inevitable part of online gambling, so we decided to give 300 credits to the next ten users who register. Weekly, monthly and annual promotions are also included and will be available to you on our homepage. Play your most favorite game and cash out your win!

What Games Do We Offer?


Poker is a classic game, and there is no need to explain the rules – since you came here, we assume that you already know the rules. The poker is Texas Hold’Em with two pocket cards and five community cards on the table.


Only European Roulette is available currently, but we are working on implementing several other types of roulette. The numbers range from 0 to 36, and single bets are available. There is also an option “pay the croupier” – the ball can start from a particular spot on the table.


We offer many types of slots – from progressives and combination slots to multi-line and hidden buy-a-pays slots. Also, you can choose video bingo game and video poker if you decide to go with the slots. Overall – the slot offer consists of more than 15 themed slot games that you can play.

How To Win?

The very first thing you need to do is to “scout” all the games you could play and find the one that suits you best. When you find it, learn it well. Then choose the strategy – try playing one game with high jackpot and one with low jackpot and set your budget. Another thing that is important is to check for special offers – you take an advantage of offers in the way of getting free credits or extra cash. And the last thing is to know your limits – prepare yourself to give up when the luck is not on your side.

Bonus And Special Offers

100% Bonus $500+

We offer 100% of bonus to all $500+ deposits. You deposit $500, and you get $500 extra. You cannot withdraw that bonus but rather play to earn more. If you earn $400 on these $500, you can withdraw $400 but not $500 of bonus. After the third withdrawal, you can cash out our bonus.

Limited offer – get referrals and earn 50% of their profit

For each referral you get, you earn 50% of his deposit or cash out. This offer lasts for the next ten days when the offer will be changed – instead of 50%, you will get $25 for each referral, regardless of his amount of deposit or withdrawal.

  • Bonus 100%
  • Deposit 50%

What Our Guests Say

“As a professional online gambler, all I can say is that these guys rock! The platform for gambling is very stable and user-friendly, so you will not have any problems with playing or registering. I am picky about the gambling sites, but you will not make a wrong move if you decide to gamble here!”

David Hunt

I have to say this is my first online gambling experience and I am amazed. I have seven years of experience in brick-and-mortar casinos, and I was not a fan of online gambling until I tried it on this website. Great support, available 24/7 through the application they offer. Recommendations 10/10!

Peter Bouchard

My friend told me about Altinkaclira, and I checked it thoroughly. Although I’m not a big fan of online gambling, I tried it just to see whether they are real. These guys are not a scam at all – they have the friendly support that is available all the time, they have a good payout percentage, and they offer some good promotions as well. In a nutshell, if you like online casinos and online gambling, you have come to the right place.

David Perry

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How To Deposit And Withdraw Money?

You can deposit money via PayPal, Credit Card and MoneyGram. The process of withdrawal can be performed using any of these methods or use our special card that we issue upon your request – contact our support for more details.

Cash Is Here – Our Mobile App

The Cash Is Here is our mobile application, developed by our IT experts, that gives user 24/7 live support and opportunity to gamble while the user is on the bus, or while he is waiting for the Uber driver. The game’s offer is the same offer from our website so no need to worry about not playing your favorite game. You can also deposit money through the app. Just download the app, log in with your credentials and start gambling!