Altin Kac Lira is our project which has one goal – to provide the best gambling experience to people who like to gamble online but got tired of the classic gambling sites that are too complicated.

Our team, which consists of five IT experts and five professional gamblers, managed to create gambling environment that everyone will like. Recent years showed that online gambling has great potential both for designers of the gambling games and for people who like to gamble so we decided to create Altin Kac Lira and give you the possibility to play the games you like from the comfort of your home. Our team has 10-year experience with brick-and-mortar casinos, so all the valuable knowledge and experience is implemented in our project for one simple reason – we want to be the place where you will enjoy playing and earning money.

We don’t want to take your money – we want you to be satisfied and come back to play more and tell all your friends about us.

Team Members

Cleveland Ferreira

Anthony Kipp

Daniel Smith


David Lewis